Sedimentary Geology: I have focused my studies of sedimentary geology on two aspects:

(a) Integrative Stratigraphy. My stratigraphic studies have been expanded in recent years to incorporate modern dynamic approaches to understand the evolution of sedimentary basins. These techniques have been mainly applied to the Mesozoic succession of northern Mexico whereby the sections exposed are ideal targets for detail genetic stratigraphy. Current work includes sequence stratigraphy and high resolution biostratigraphy in the Lower Cretaceous of the Sierra Madre Oriental and cyclostratigraphy of the Aptian-Albian The final goal of my investigations is to document the influence of astronomical parameters (eccentricity, obliquity and precession of the Earth) in oceanic productivity. I have made special emphasis on the orbital driven mechanisms to understand the influence of astronomic parameters in Milankovitch cyclicity of the Cretaceous section of Mexico.

b) Regional Geology: This investigation includes a multi-disciplinary study in the Mesozoic of the southern North American plate (Mexico and southern USA), including biochronology, physical stratigraphy and microfacies, regional tectonics, and tectonostratigraphic terrane analysis. My main goal is to provide geologic documentation, including biochronologic controls, that would allow a better understanding of the palinspastic position of Mexico in the "Mesozoic fit of the continents". The rationale for this research program is that the majority of plate tectonic reconstructions of the Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean region include present-day Mexico as an integral part of the region since the Triassic; however, very little attention has been given to the stratigraphic succession of the Mexican Cordillera, which contains the best in-land exposures of the Mesozoic stratigraphic record in North America. The Mesozoic succession of the Sierra Madre Oriental provides an excellent opportunity to undertake integrated studies of the complete history of sedimentary basins, from their origin through their deformation.

Some of my results include: a) the postulation of a transpressional tectonic regime for the Mexican Cordillera; b) the direct relationship of the western ancient margin of the North American Plate in the geologic evolution of the Mexican Cordillera and the Gulf; c) establishment of a biochronologic framework for the Cretaceous of Mexico and the Gulf Coastal Plain; d) recognition of Mesozoic unconformities of regional extent; e) documentation of paleogeographic juxtaposition of Jurassic and Cretaceous successions in the Mexican Cordillera; f) determination of the sedimentary environments of the Mesozoic of Mexico; and g) documentation of Mesozoic tectonostratigraphic terranes in the Mexican Cordillera. References to these aspects of my research.