Procedure for the use of e-mail in this course:

For all the correspondence with me in this course te following pocedure aplies:
Hybrid Modlity: Students in this section of the course are required to use your FIU e-mail address. Visit the e-mail page of the website to see your e-mail address. In case of missing your password visit this site
You must place the class number of your course (for example 15940, 11106, 16644) in the subject line of ALL your e-mail to me. Do not  write anything else on this line.  In all correspondence with me identify yourself , including on the first line of text of your of your message your full name, and class  number instead SS# or panthers ID> (e.g., Pepe Longoria, 05, Gly3034-01, 16644). I DON'T reply anonymous or inadequately identified email. See diagram below:

Asynchronous Modality:  Students in this section will use the WebCT mail. All the correspondance in the class will be delivered via the WebCT platform.


Keep a copy of all your correspondence to me, you may be asked to resubmit. Do not resubmit any work unless you are asked to. I will not be responsible for e-mail sent without complying with this procedure.

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