How to browse the Website for this course :

The first two weeks of the semester are planned for the habilitation process (getting you prepared to work in this class); it is your responsibility to follow the instructions and to comply with the procedures on how to do the different everyday activities.

The materials for this course reside in two separate, but linked, servers:

You will use the WebCT platform to:  (a) send (post) e-mails, (b) post entries in the discussion forum, (c) submit all your work (assignments, participation forum entries, and essays); (d) view your grades.
You will use my Asynchronous Learning Network (ALN) portal to: access all the course materials including: (a) syllabus; (b) resources; and (c) course plan.

Access to my ALN portal can be obtained in two ways:

(1) Use the link provided in the Course Menu of the WebCT platform; click on Prof. Longoria ALN
(2) Write the address (URL) of my portal <>


How to Browse this Site
Below is the homepage for the website of Prof. Longoria's Asynchronous Learning Network. This homepage  is designed to show you at first glance what is available. This website follows a full web linkage structure, which means that all the pages in the site are linked so you can access any page at any time. However, it is strongly recommended that first time visitors start browsing each entry in ascending order. Then, select the course you are interested in taking and proceed to review its contents, click on get syllabus to access a printable version of the syllabus.


First things first!
You will ALWAYS start by logging to my Portal using this address (URL) <>
Once you are registered in a course you should submit the form requesting access codes to have full access to the entire contents of its website. You need to keep access codes (username and password) for logging. Websites for these courses  follow a full link structure, so you can access any page at any time from any place in the site.

Below you see the homepage (index page) of my Asynchronous Learning Network with the three frames marked in red. The website follows a structure made of three frames, the information and the activities you need to perform  in this course flow throughout the use of the three frames at all time (see image below). This facilitates the visualization of the materials and also helps you keeping track of the link between the current and previous pages, when the information from the previous pages is needed it will always remain visible in one of the frames. The lower right frame is used for more dynamic (changing) pages containing information which is needed at a glance, for example the entries of the Participation Forum or the glossary of terms.

Any link can be viewed in a separate full screen at any time for the purpose of viewing or printing; however, in order to study and to analyze the information of the course you need to return to the three frame structure. To view the link in a separate window, right click on the link and the down drop menu will appear, click on 'Open in New Window'.  See the image below:

ACTIVITY: Practice opening a frame in a separate full page, you will make frequent use of it operation so the sooner you mater it, the better off you will be.

Now you are ready for some practice:

1.- From the homepage (index page) of my portal Click on the course you want to access. The Course Contents tree will appear on the upper right frame. See image below:

The Course Contents is represented as a color coded tree. Each color representing one of the three main components of the Course: Syllabus, Resources, and Course Plan, you can navigate or browse from here to any point; however, for first time users it is required that you first view all the pages of the Syllabus node, and then move to Resources, and finally get to the Course Plan.

2.- On the Course Tree, Click on the item you want to access. The restricted access window will appear. See image below:

3.- Enter access codes (Username and Password provided) into the access box and hit OK. You are there!

4.- Browse throughout the site: It is strongly recommended that you first view the content of the Syllabus node in its entirety and then move to the other nodes. When you finish reading the Syllabus node, you should submit the Acknowledging Syllabus electronic form, then continue with the Resources node. Do not skip pages, you need to become acquainted with a series of process and procedures.

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In case of problems contact Prof. Longoria