On-line, Self-Paced, Science Elective Courses
Course Layout
My asynchronous courses in the Virtual Classroom are structured (see flow diagram below) to help students maximize learning and mastering the subjects in each unit. They are learner-based, learner-organized, and self-directed; thus, they facilitate the education that the learner is seeking for. My online courses follow andragogy as a didactic method in the teaching-learning process which requires the courses to be designed according to a well-defined Course Plan (see diagram below).

The Course Plan is the contents of the course, that is, all the materials that make the course. The contents is divided into large segments called Sections that contain smaller segments of contents or Units of specific topics. The units are grouped into Sections because a common geologic feature.

Every Unit contains a Unit Plan which is made of  three components:

(1) Contents (a list of topics to be studied). This component of the unit plan corresponds to the question of WHAT to study in andragogy.

(2) Activities (specific readings and web site links -browsing- that students  must do). An often worry that students have is: How many levels of links should I do? A very close indication that one has mastered the subject covered in the unit is when you are able to address the items listed in the abilities sections of each unit. So this component corresponds to the question of HOW to study in andragogy.

(3) Abilities (a list of issues that the students should be able to address or resolved based on the activities and readings). This component contatins a variable number of questions and or issues that the student must be able to address. The list of abilities is an index of performance in the class, so thet are treated as assignments that studnets must submit electronically at fix dates.  The abilities component of the unit plan corresponds to the question of FOR WHAT purpose in andragogy.

The mastering of the abilities ensure the acquisition of Competencies
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