How to study for this course:

This course requires time and self-discipline so if you are busy, or overloaded with courses, or have a busy personal schedule, or plan to travel during the semester, or need a professor to sit with you to do your work, you may not be suited to a course like this; if you have to make a change do it now. Even during the first week of the semester you will have work to submit, an advantage of this teaching/learning modality is that you do not have upper boundaries, also, you can finish the course as early as you want; but not later that the deadlines in the schedule. Here is my suggestion on how to study for this course:

        1. Go to your computer and access Professor Longoria’s asynchronous learning portal at bookmark this site in your browser so you do not have to type this information every time. Click on Visit the Virtual Classroom Website. It is important that you take a complete tour (do not skip any page) of the Virtual Classroom to make sure that you understand how the course is organized before the semester gets any further. Not everyone may be suited to a course like this.


        2. Back to ALN portal, click on Gly3039. The Course Contents tree will appear on the upper right frame (see fiagram below); review its three components (Syllabus; Resources; and Course Plan) make sure you know what is in each node so you can easily access what you are looking for. Review the Course Contents several times during the semester so you keep in mind important requirements. Print the syllabus and keep its contents organized. Suggestion: buy a three-ring binder and build your own textbook with material from each unit. Assignments will be based upon the reading material and website so keep the notes well organized.

        3. Visit the Participation Forum at least once a week. Review the posting by other students in the class since you are not allow to post the same entries. You can get material for the Participation Forum by doing a web search using any of the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Altavista, etc.

        4. Check your Course Mail periodically to be aware of notices posted by the instructor. I will post news and general announcements regularly for updated information; also, you should make the routine of checking your e-mail at least once daily.

        5. Print and post in a visible area the Deadline table <check for Deadlines> which contains all the scheduled dates for submitting work, also, if you plan to travel during the semester mark on you calendar the deadlines for submitting work.  Do not wait until the last minute to complete assignments and essays. Not extensions are given in this course. You will not be allowed to submit any work after the deadline.

        6. Start working on the course immediately, as you may have already noticed this is a busy course; the sooner you get organized and learn to budget your time efficiently, the better off you will be. You should start your work and not wait until the last minute to submit your first assignments since you may need extra time to get acquainted with the process involved in submitting your work. Start immediately since there are two assignments due in two weeks.

        7.- HINT: Here is a suggestion on how to handle your studying: (A) From the homepage of the portal ( click on your course; (B) click on the section you want to study. From the Section Plan click on the unit you want to view; (C) Start by viewing the topics, then go to the activities and do all the required work; (D) open the abilities, which is the list of questions you need to answer in each unit and submit it as the corresponding  assignment.

        8. The best way to effectively work in this class is to submit your work in advance, do not wait for the deadlines. Start by sending your Student Learning Agreement.  Access Codes; Student Learning Agreement (Narrative, assignment 0); Acknowledging Syllabus; Participation Forum Entry; Record your study session

        9. Ask the instructor immediately if you have any questions about what is expected in the course. I will respond to e-mail as soon as possible. E-mail the instructor if you encounter any problems with the website

        10. Click on the data base page to check your grades periodically; you will be able to keep track of your performance in the course.

        11. Tell me what I can do to make the course operate more smoothly. Our perspectives on this course are different and I may not always realize that some aspects of the course are giving you trouble. Let me know immediately if some of the key hyperlinks don't work or if a particular site is not responding. The Web is a dynamic environment that is constantly changing so some links that work today may not work tomorrow. You will not be penalized for unexpected changes that occur in the web sites that could make it impossible to complete assignments.

       12. Remember, in the asynchronous, self-pace modality you are in control of your own destiny. If you work hard you will do well, if you do not make any effort you will do poorly. You will have to be organized and exhibit self-discipline to be successful in this course. No excuses.