How to browse this site:

Once you are registered in a course you will received via the WebCT mail access codes to have full access to the entire contents of its website. You need to keep access codes (username and password) to logging. Access codes will normally be sent to your WebCT mail during the first week of classes.

Websites for these courses  follow a full link structure, so you can access any page at any time from any place in the site.


The website follows a structure made of three frames, the information and the activities you need to perform for this course flow throughout the use of the three frames at all time. This facilitate the visualization of the materials and also helps you keeping track of the link between the current and previous pages, when the information from the previous pages is needed it will always remain visible in one of the frames. The lower right frame is used for more dynamic (changing) pages containing information which is needed at a glance, for example the entries of the Participation Forum or the glossary of terms. Any link can be viewed in a separate full screen at any time for the purpose of viewing or printing; however, in order to

study and to analyze the information of the course you need to return to the three frame structure. To view the link in a separate window, right click on the link and the down drop menu will appear, click on Open in New Window.

1.- Click on the course you want to access.
     The Course Contents web will appear on the upper right frame.


2.- Click on the item you want to access. The restricted access window will appear:

3.- Enter access codes (Username and Password provided) into the access box. You are there!
4.- Browse throughout the site: It is strongly recommended that you first view the content of the Syllabus node in its entirety and then move to the other nodes.

In case of problems contact Prof. Longoria using the WebCT mail