Course Rationale

-----------------The salt intrusion,
--------------------Asteroid and meteor impacts,
---------------------------El Niño,

all are common natural phenomena that represent potential natural disasters in our region.
 Join this course and learn about the nature of these phenomena, also, learn about the vulnerability of our region to these disasters and mitigation measures useful in case of future disasters. 

These natural disasters occur at local, regional and global scales. The occurrence of natural disasters has been a normal event throughout the history of Earth. Major natural disasters have played an important role in shaping the face of the Earth, and it is likely that they will continue to do so. 

Students in this class will learn about the most frequent natural disasters that have occurred on Earth including the mass extinction of dinosaurs. The course starts with an introduction to geological processes, continues with geological cycles and moves into the analysis of the most frequently occurring natural disasters. This course emphasizes the geological aspects behind the origin of the natural disasters and their geologic record through the history of Earth. The influence of man on the rate and frequency at which these natural disasters occur is also discussed. Special attention will be given to evaluate the damage caused by these natural disasters as well as the vulnerability of human activities to them. 

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