Course Rationale

Greenhouse-climate changes,
----Soil and water pollution,
 -------Acid rain and atmospheric pollution,
-----------Waste disposal, 
--------------Land use management,
-----------------Energy resource development,
--------------------Geologic hazards and risks,
-----------------------Species extinctions,
---------------------------El Niño,
all are major environmental global and local issues which face our planet and represent potential environmental geology problems in our region.

 Join this course and learn about the nature of these phenomena, also, learn about the vulnerability of our region to these environmental disasters and how they affect our region. A special emphasis is made to related global environmental issues to our local environment.

The goal of this course is to present environmental geology, a science course, in a social context and to give students the foundation needed to formulate an educated intelligent opinion on current environmental issues affecting our daily life.

This science course is recommended as a science elective class to both science (biology, geology, environmental), and non-science majors, specially social and liberal arts students seeking answers to fundamental controversial environmental issues.