Welcome to my
Asynchronous Section of GLY3034-VC: Natural Disasters

As the instructor of this course, it is very important to me that you feel welcome and comfortable in the class. I have made a great effort to design this course's website to be as clear as possible; however, as it is normal in courses like this, I need to spend some time explaining all the ins and outs of the course.  Consequently, in order for you to understand each concept of this course and what it entails, some writing on my behalf will be required, as well as extensive reading from you.  Hopefully, after reading this course description, my expectations from you as a student in this asynchronous course, as well as my responsibilities as the professor, will both be clear.  After all the idea of asynchronous teaching/learning is: a collaboration between students and instructor!

Before we go further, it is crucial that you understand what an asynchronous course requires:
1.- Time and self discipline.
2.- Reading and critical thinking of scientific materials.
3.- Good performance in basic computer work (e-mail, word processing, attachments, browsing).
3.- Feeling comfortable with not having direct (face-to-face contact, telephone conference, etc.) contact with me.
4.- All the communication between us will be restricted to e-mail.
5.- The course contents has been designed following andragogy (adult education) precepts.
You will be using both the WebCT  platform <http://estudent.fiu.edu/> and my Asynchronous Learning Portal <http://www.fiu.edu/~longoria/self-p/> throughout the semester. Also you need the access codes (username and password) to receive full access to the course content. If you have not sent the 'request access codes form' STOP here and hit the "back" or "refresh" button of your browser.

You can always contact me via the WebCT mail; however, in cases of emergency, if needed, use my FIU mail: longoria@fiu.edu
If you want to know more about me and what I do, visit my webstie at http://www.fiu.edu/~longoria

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