FLEA (FIU Laptop & Electronic Arts) Ensemble is FIU's newest musical group. The group performs exciting new work and reinterprets classics of the avant-garde by combining hi-fi and lo-fi technologies. Each piece offers new ways of (re)interpreting technology. The group's repetoire has included pieces by Kristine H. Burns, Doug Van Nort, Paula Matthusen, Erik DeLuca, Orlando Garica, Pauline Oliveros, Eliot Sharp, and Samuel Pluta. Performers in the 2011 - 2012 ensemble include Carlos Dominguez, Jonathan Mendieta, Ricardo Lopez, Paul Kinard, Luis Rivera, Kevin Flores, Brian Del Toro, and Daniel Yellin.
ears EARS (Electro-Acoustic Research Society) is a CSO student group that coordinates numerous activities, such as guest lectures, concerts, and festivals (such as the FEASt Festival) related to electro-acoustic music. The scope of the group's activities is diverse, embracinig a wide variety of musical styles for performance and discussion.

The FEASt (Florida Electro-Acoustic STUdent) Festival is an entirely student-run concert series featuring student works, performances, and activities from all students throughout Florida. This biennial series often features distinguished guest lecturers and provides students with the opportunity to share their work with one another and the greater musical community in Miami. The next FEASt Fest will occur on November 18 and 19, 2011.

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