Canid Training List
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List Rules

1. This list is on a server that is located U of Texas; therefore, we would appreciate it if all posts concern training isssues or questions and  only be used for discussions on training topics.  Please do not send attachments.

2. To post to the list is very simple--just send all posts to the following email address: 
    (a)  To subscribe, put "Canid Training" in the subject line (without qoutes).

    (b)  E-mail addresses from Yahoo, Hotmail, Bigfoot, etc. are not accepted. Subscribers must have a legitimate e-mail from an internet service provider.

    (c) To unsub from the list send to: or with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.

3. This list is not moderated by one person -- rather it is an open conversation but overseen by the roughly dozen or so of us who founded the list.  

4. Cross-posting messages on training and socialization from this list to other lists is OK, with the following caveats:  

    (a) Be aware that some people are vulnerable to wolfdog bans or other legislation. Please do not include names or addresses in the cross-posts.  

    (b) If someone does not want a post cross-posted, please put at the top: "NOT for Cross-posting". Other list members, please respect that. 

    (c) When in doubt, check with the author and anyone explictly quoted before cross-posting. 

    (d) When cross-posting, please include the phrase: "Cross-posted from the Canid-Training List". 

Native Amerindian Dog Assoc.
The Native Amerindian Dog Association (NADA) 
has no web page up at the moment, but the address is listed below:
   PO Box 26095
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