"Now this is the Law of the Jungle
-- as old and as true as the sky;
And the Wolf that shall keep
it may prosper, but the Wolf
that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles
the tree-trunk, the Law
runneth forward and back --
For the strength of the Pack
 is the Wolf, and the strength
of the Wolf is the Pack."

Rudyard Kipling
"The Law of the Jungle"
From The Jungle Book


Educational Wolfdog Web Sites
The Wolfdog Resource Comprehensive WD Site: genetics, legalities, stats...
R.A.F.T., Inc. Rabies vaccine Approval Finding Team (for wolf/wds) 
The Wolf Dog Coalition Wolf & Wolfdog Rabies Info...
WERF U.S. State Statutes on Wolfdog Ownership...
Florida Lupine Association WD Educational Material & Florida WD Ownership Information
PAWW Protective Association for the Wolf/WD (PAWW)
WDs for Beginners For those interested in getting a WD or new to WDs
  Wolves on the Web Comprehensive WD/Wolf Educational Site
The Wolf Dunn Educational WD Info: Rabies, Pulications, Links...
The Wolves Annotated Bibliography of Wolf Books
Wolf Web: Wolf Books Annotated Bibliography of Wolf Books
The Wolf Dunn: Wolf
& WD Tales/Resources
Snail Mail Addresses to Wolf/WD Organizations, 
Magazines & Newsletters, and Rescue Orgs...
Breeds of Wolfdogs
The Czech Wolfdog  European Wolf & German Shepherd (GSD)
  Saarloos Wolfdog: History Netherlands SAR Wolfdogs
The Saarloos Wolfdog: SAR Dog Search & Rescue (SAR) Wolfdogs
  The Saarloos Wolfdog (in Dutch) 1/4 European Wolf & 3/4 GSD
The American Tundra Shepherd 1/4 Gray Wolf & 3/4 GSD
Wolfdog Registries
Iowolfer Association, Inc. Nonprofit (NP) WD Registry, Rabies/WD Info
Lupine AWAREness NP WD Registry, Newsletter, Activities, Rabies & WD Info
Native Amerindian Dog Association (NADA) NP WD Registry, Newsletter, Activities, Rabies & WD Info 
The United States American Wolfdog Association (USAWA) NP Wolfdog Registry, Newsletter, Activities, Rabies and WD Info
European Division of USAWA NP Wolfdog Registry, WD & Rabies Info
Wolfdog Rescue Organizations
Wolf Song of Alaska Alaska Wolf
Where Wolves Rescue Arizona Wolf/WD
Wolfsong Ranch Foundation Arizona Wolf/WD
Wolf Mountain Sanctuary California Wolf
Mission: Wolf Colorado Wolf/WD
Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge and Educational Facility (7376 Old US 27 South, Nicholasville, KY  40356; Phone 606-887-2256 ) Kentucky Wolf/WD
KRPetz--Omega Refuge Ohio Wolf/WD
Free Spirit Rescue & Kennel Ohio Wolf/WD
Kona's Pawpals: A WD Rescue Nevada WD
Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch New Mexico Wolf/WD
O.L.S.S. Wildlife Rescue & Rehab Center New Mexico Wolf
Wolf Town Washington Wolf/WD

Wolf & Wolf Hybrid Rescue National Network Computer List Wolf/WD
Canidae: International Wolf/WD Orgs Web Site Wolf/WD
Computer Lists/Usenet Groups
WolfdogZ Wolf/WD Discussion List (Public)
The Wolfdog List Wolf/WD Discussion List (Public)
Issues & Answers Wolf/WD Discussion List (Private)
Wolf & Wolfdog Chat Wolf/WD Chat List (Public)
ThunderWolf's Forum Wolf/WD Chat List (Public)
Michigan Wolfdog List Legalities of Wolf/WD Ownership Issues (Public)
alt.wolves Wolf Newsgroup (Public)
alt.wolves.hybrid Wolfdog Newsgroup (Public)
Wolf/WD Rescue National Network Wolf/WD Rescue 
Sirius Training List (Private) Wolf/WD Training List (Private)
Canid Legal & Statistical Issues
WD Issues & Links by State State Statutes on WD Ownership
WERF U.S. State Statutes on Wolfdog Ownership
American Dog Owner's Association (ADOA) Breed Specific Legislative (BSL) Alerts & Updates, Pet Owner's Rights, Links...
ADOA: Owner's Rights Pet Owner's Legal Rights
Wolfdog Resource: Legal Issues & Leg. Alerts Pet Owner's Legal Rights, Legislative Alerts, Animal Control, Rabies...
"Practicality of BSL" Legal Rights, Constitutionality, Viability of BSL
Canine Legislation Article "Can Dogs Get a Fair Shake in Court"
Fighting BSL Info on How to Fight Breed Specific Legislation 
Canine Legislation Page BSL Alerts & Updates, Links...
American Dog Trainer's Network: BSL BSL Alerts & Updates, Current List of Canids Facing BSL in the U.S., Links...
Personal Wolfdog Home Pages
The Wolfdog Resource Comprehensive Info on WDs
Stormy's Wolfdog Webpage Comprehensive Info on WDs
WDs for Beginners Those interested in getting WD/new to WD
The Loftus Wolf Page Beautiful Pics of their Wolves/WDs & Info
Song of the Wolf Native American Legends & Lore of the Wolf
God's Original Dog WD Info, Pics, Links
Canidae WD/Rabies Info, Wolf/WD Orgs, Web Rings
  The Wolfdog Oracle Pics, Med/Hip Dysplasia & WD Info, Links
Mystic Wolf Kennels WD Info, Pics, Links
Cottonwood Wolf Hybrid Kennels WD Info, Pics, Links
The T's Home Page WD Info, Pics, Links
Bad 'M' Age Home Page WD Info, Pics, Links, and Non WD Stuff...
Wolfie's Home Page Personal Page
Havaholf's Home Page WD Pics, Links
Canid Behavior
Posturing & Facial Expressions Reading a Wolf/Wolfdog/Dog
The Family Pet Info Center Canid Behavior
Dog Owner's Guide: Topic List Topics: Behavior, Kids, Training...
Top Dog: Understanding &
Changing Aggressive/Bossy Dogs
Teach Humans How to Regain Control
of Their Aggressive or Bossy Pets
Dog Owner's Guide: Aggression Canid Aggression: Causes & Types
Dominance vs. Submission Canid Dominance & Submission
NetVet Behavior Links to Canine Behavior Sites
NetVet Links to Canine Sites List of Canid Links
Canid Health
Canine Epilepsy: Epi-Guardian Angels Canine Epilipsy & Hypothyroidism
Feeding Naturally--BARF:
Bones & Raw Food
Canine Nutritional Diet
Pat McKay, Inc.: Animal Nutrition Canine Vitamins & Nutrition
The Animal Protection Institute (API) Report The Truth About Commercial Kibble
First Aid & Healing Canine First Aid
Animal CPR Performing Canine CPR & Heimlich
Vaccination Center Vaccination in Animals
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) Dysplasia Information & Testing
Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) Eye Disease Information & Testing
Friends of the Animals: Spay & Neuter Spay & Neuter Information
Spay USA Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Information
VetGen: Vetrinary Genetics Services Genetic Disease Research & Testing
Canid Training
The Monks of New Skete Training Videos & Books
Sirius Video & Training Aides (Ian Dunbar) Training Videos, Books, Seminars
Dr. PLonsky's, DVM, Dog Training Comprehensive Training Resource
Petnet: Dogs 'N Kids Training Canids & Children
Dog Obedience & Training Page Resources for Training/Obedience
Stormy's Training Page Canine/Lupine Training
Stormy's Socialization Page Socialization of Wolfdogs
Schutzhund: DVG America (All Breeds) German Obedience/Police Training
Schutzhund German Obedience/Police Training
GRiC General Training Books List of Books on Training
ADOGNET: A Dog Owner's Network List of US & Canadian Trainers
Canid Genetics
Intro to Canine Genetics Article Introducing Canid Genetics 
The Dog Genome Project Mapping the Canid Genome
The Wolfdogs Resource Canid Genetics Articles 
Genentech Resource Center List  of Genetic Sites
Canine Genetics & Dog Health Home Page Comprehensive List of Canine Genetic & Health Sites 
Canine Genetic Resource Articles, Glossary, Bulletin Board, Links... 
DNA and Your Dog Genetic Pedigree and ID Analysis of Canines
Mammalian Genetics and Disease Mapping Project: Dr. E.A. Ostrander, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA, USA
Genetic Linkage Analysis in Dogs Canine Linkage Map: Dr. Jeffrey Sampson, University of Leicester, UK
FHCRC Dog Genome Project Mapping and Cloning Canine Genes
Wolves: DNA Pawprinting Article/Quiz
VetGen: Vetrinary Genetics Services Genetic Disease Research & Testing
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