Three Abused WDs in FL for Rescue:
Doobie, Dozer, and Freeah.

Doobie is an 8-year-old, 75% male.

Dozer is a 9-year-old, 60-70% female.

Freeah is an 11-year-old, low content female.

Their Sad Stories are Below:

Five abused wolfdogs and one German Shepherd came into rescue a few weeks ago. According to the caretaker settling the estate, the deceased owner had abused them, breaking one’s jaw with a baseball bat, blinding one, and breaking another's leg. All of them had been horsewhipped (some to a greater extent than others) and had firecrackers thrown into their kennels. These animals are housebroken. None would do well with small children.  All are to receive a complete medical exam and will leave only if in good physical health and after spay/neuter.

The German Shepherd and the oldest wolfdog have been euthanized. Another old female (14) was adopted by a fellow wd rescue individual. There are three remaining wds to be placed from this home: Doobie, Dozer, and Freeah.

Doobie is a good candidate for rescue. He is sweet and fairly social, but a little shy; he will come and give kisses after a period of time. He is 8 years old and was used for stud, but has recently been neutered. He has never been around male canines, so he is probably male aggressive. He walks on lead and loves being brushed. Though he has been in a run for two years, he is housebroken; he won't go potty in his run/kennel. He is approximately 3/4 content (70% range) timber wolf and German Shepherd (gsd) mix. He likes men and women.

Freeah is an intact 12 year old female past her heat cycles. She looks like a blond gsd. Her mother is a pure shepherd and dad was allegedly a pure wolf. I would have thought her to be a very low content wd, though. She looks and acts doggy. She is a barker and has had numerous firecrackers thrown into her pen because of it; now, she is terrified of booming thunderstorms. She has hot spots that are now being treated. She is nice and friendly once she gets to know you. She likes men and women, though is initially distrustful upon first meeting a human. She is strongly bonded to her daughter, Dozer.

Dozer is a 9 year old intact female. She will be spayed if she can be rescued. She is fearful of humans, keeping her distance and watching. If cornered she fear nips. She has never broken skin; nonetheless, she will require an experienced and knowledgeable owner with a lot of patience and a lot of love and trust. She is around 60-70% Timber wolf and gsd. She is very bonded to her mom, Freeah; if the two could go together, it would be easier and less stressful on them.
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