This is Shiloh.

She is a two-year-old German Shepherd/Wolf mix. She is probably a lower content, approximately 40% wolf. Her owner was murdered and she came into rescue without any information and without a name. She is a sweet-natured, big girl, standing approximately 29 inches at the shoulder.

She is friendy and social to people and to children. She is not an alpha, but she is definitely not submissive to other dogs. If placed in a home with other canines, the other canine cannot be overly alpha or they would probably fight--regardless of the sex of the animal. Shiloh is small-animal and cat aggressive so she cannot be placed in a home with cats or small dogs. She is not vicious, rather she plays roughly and likes playing chase and could hurt a small animal.  She doesn't climb, and she has never been in an enclosure that she can dig in, so I don't know if she digs.

She is in great health. She had heartworms when she got here, and was treated and is now on heartworm preventative. (She tests negative for heartworms.) She is also current on her shots. She will, however, need a rabies vaccination upon going to her new home. Although the initial rescue people claimed to have given Shiloh her rabies vaccination in November 1998, I never got the paperwork so I cannot verify that this is accurate; however, I would like to stretch out the next rabies vaccination as long as I can to avoid doubling up so soon if they did, indeed, rabies vaccinate her.

She is leash trained, and knows general commands. She does not enjoy riding in the car, and will get sick on long rides. She is a lovely girl and needs to find a home soon. She is an inside/outside dog. The way she lets you know she needs to go out is to rub her nose all over your arm and then to "wooo wooo" at you. She is very vocal in letting you know her needs.

More pics are provided below. She is on a chain in the pics, but that is not how she was kept and she will not be adopted out if chaining is the primary means of containment. Adopters must have fencing.
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