Jake, a mid-content malamute/wolf mix, was found shot, lying in the road. His savior was a veterinarian who carted him back to her office and surgically removed most of the buckshot that peppered his body. His haunches received the worst damage, with buck shot pellets continuing to work themselves up to the surface of his skin and out.

Jake is approximately two years old and is large and friendly, affectionate and submissive to humans (not shyly so). His owners have not come forward to claim him, so little is known about him prior to being found wounded. His veterinarian has brought him UTD on all vaccinations, has tested him for heartworms (he's negative) and has put him on heartworm prevention, has neutered him, and has been boarding and caring for him since she found him near death in the road.

Jake is being moved to Florida today (8/19/00) and is up for adoption to a loving home. Because of the expenses the veterinarian has incurred for her generous care of this wolfdog and the travel expenses that Florida rescue has incurred, we hope to receive a $100-150 adoption fee to help alleviate some of the expenses of the rescuers and for vet care.

We are also soliciting donations to send to the veterinarian to help offset her costs in care and boarding. If anyone is interested in donating to this cause, please contact me or Beth Palmer for information on sending your donations direct to the veterinarian in North Carolina.

Jake is pictured below. Please be patient as the pics load; they are rather large and will take a few minutes.

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