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. Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Wolfdogs
      What is a Wolfdog?
      Filial Numbers (F1, F2, etc.) and Percentages
      Taxonomical Overview of the Gray Wolf
      Classification Maps of Gray Wolf: Hall (1981) & Nowak (1996)
Chapter 2: Canid Genetics
      Introduction: Dogs & Wolves . . .
      Background on DNA
      How is DNA Inherited?
      DNA: Wolves & Dogs
      Wolf/Dog Genetic Research
      Researchers in Canidae Genetics
      Links to Other Canid Genetic Sites
Chapter 3: Wolfdog Behavior
      Reading & Understanding Canines
      Social Hierarchy of Wolves
      Establishing Dominance (Alpha Status)
      Links to Canid Behavior Sites

Chapter 4: Wolfdog Training 

      Positive Reinforcement as Training
      Perimeter Training
      Food Aggression Training
      Bite Inhibition Training
      Teaching the "Come" Command
      "Come" Command When Pup's Done a No-No
      Teething/Chewing Training
      Establishing Dominance (Alpha Status)
      Links to Canid Training Sites
Chapter 5: Wolfdog Ownership
Considerations Before Acquiring a Wolfdog
Canine Containment
Wolfdog Books
Ownership Links
Chapter 6: WD Rescue & Adoption
      What is Wolf & Wolfdog Rescue
      Wolfdogs up for Adoption
      Application for Adopting a Wolfdog
      Wolf and WD Legislation by State
      Rescue Map of the US for Placement of WDs 
      Standard Questions a Rescuer Might Ask 
      Links to Wolf and Wolfdog Rescue Sites
Chapter 7: Wolfdog Breeders
      What constitutes a reputable Breeder?
      Wolfdog Registries
      Wolfdog Breeds
      Breeders' Contracts
Chapter 8: Wolfdog Links
      Educational Wolfdog Web Sites
      Breeds of Wolfdogs
      Wolfdog Registries
      Wolfdog Rescue Organizations
      Wolfdog Computer Lists & Usenet Groups
      Canid Legal & Statistical Issues
      Personal Wolfdog Home Pages
      Canid Behavior Sites
      Canid Training Sites
      Canid Genetics