The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church

Members of Religious Orders (1605-1700)

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The list includes the names of the 36 religious cardinals, the position they occupied at the time of their cardinalitial creation, and the year of their promotion.

Order of Saint Benedict (Benedictines - O.S.B.)      (3)

Bernhard Gustave von Baden-Durlach, abbot of Fulda (1671)
José Sáenz de Aguirre (1686)
Celestino Sfondrati (1695)

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Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine (Augustinians - O.E.S.A.)      (1)

Enrico Noris, curator of the Vatican Library (1695)

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Order of the Cistercians (O.Cist)      (2)

Giovanni Bona, abbot (1669)
Giovanni Battista Gabrielli, abbot-general of the Order (1699)

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Order of the Carthusians (O.Carth.)      (1)

Alphonse-Louis du Plessis de Richelieu, archbishop of Lyon, France (1629)

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Order of Friars Minor Conventuals (Franciscans - O.F.M.Conv.)      (2)

Felice Centini, procurator-general of the Order (1611)
Francesco Brancati di Lauria (1681)

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Order of Friars Minor Capuchins (Franciscans - O.F.M.Cap.)      (1)

Antonio Barberini, seniore (1624)

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Order of Preachers (Dominicans - O.P.)      (10)

Jeronimo Xavierre, master-general of the Order (1607)
Agostino Galamini, master-general of the Order (1611)
Desiderio Scaglia, commissary of the Holy Inquisition (1621)
Vincenzo Maculani, master of the Sacred Apostolic Palace (1641)
Michel Mazarin, archbishop of Aix, France (1647)
Domingo Pimentel Zúñiga, archbishop of Seville, Spain (1652)
Vincenzo Orsini de Gravina (1672) (Pope Benedict XIII)
Philip Thomas Howard of Norfolk (1675)
Raimondo Capizucchi, master of the Sacred Palace (1681)
Tommaso Maria Ferrari, master of the Sacred Palace (1695)

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Society of Jesus (Jesuits - S.J.)      (6)

Péter Pázmány, archbishop of Esztergom, Hungary (1629) (1)
Jan Olbracht Wazy, bishop of Kraków, Poland (1629)
Juan de Lugo y de Quiroga (1643)
Jan Kazimierz Wazy (1646)
Francesco Maria Sforza Pallavicino (1657)
Johann Eberhard Nidhard (1671)

(1) By papal brief of March 5, 1616, was given permission to leave the Society and enter the Congregation of Regular Clerics of Somasca (C.R.S.) but he never did.

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Congregation of the Regular Clerics of Saint Paul (Barnabites - C.R.S.P. or B.)      (1)

Giacomo Morigia, archbishop of Florence, Tuscany (1695)

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Oratory of Saint Philip of Neri (Oratorians - O.S.F.N. or Orat.)      (3)

Pierre de Bérulle (1627)
Orazio Giustiniani, bishop of Nocera (1645)
Leandro Colloredo (1686)

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Order of Our Lady of Mercy (Mercedarians - M.)      (1)

Pedro de Salazar Gutiérrez de Toledo, bishop of Salamanca (1686)

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Congregation of Regular Clerics of Somasca (C.R.S.)      (1)
Alessandro Crescenzi, prefect of the Papal Household (1675)

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Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (O.S.Io.Hieros.)      (5)

Antonio Barberini, iuniore (1627)
Virginio Orsini (1641)
Friedrich von Hessen-Darmstadt (1652)
Benedetto Pamphili, grand prior in Rome of the Order (1681)

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Cardinals religious created by:
Leo XI (1605) -- None
Paul V (1605-1621) -- 4
Gregory XV (1621-1623) -- None
Urban VIII (1623-1644) -- 9
Innocent X (1644-1655) -- 5
Alexander VII (1655-1667) -- 1
Clement IX (1667-1669) -- 1
Clement X (1670-1676) -- 5
Innocent XI (1676-1689) -- 6
Alexander VIII (1689-1691) -- None
Innocent XII (1691-1700) -- 5
Total -- 36

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