Political Symbols 5: The Hoofbeats of Marching Tyranny

Quite a few people saw a larger, ominous threat in the actions of the INS at the Gonzalez house that morning. Echoing the rhetoric of the militia and patriot movements, many Cuban-American demonstrators linked it to evidence of a growing lawlessness and tyranny within the United States.

Many demonstrators saw the INS raid as proof that the "New World Order" had come to Miami, and asked, rhetorically, that after Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Gonzalez raid, "who would be next"? Was the raid proof that the government no longer respected the Bill of Rights?

Many political signs suggested that the INS raid was an ominous harbinger of worse things to come: perhaps we would be seeing more stormtroopers marching down the Miami streets some day soon. This second sign implicitly links the INS raid with Nazi actions in occupied Poland.