Dr. Marilyn J. Montgomery

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Florida International University
Miami, FL 33199

(Office) (305) 348-6679
(Fax) (305) 348-3879
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Dr. Montgomery conducts research on social and emotional aspects of close relationships and identity development, and is a faculty member in the Developmental Psychology program and the Mental Health Research and Services program. She teaches undergraduate courses on Social and Personality Development, Human Communication, and Psychotherapy; her graduate courses include Applied Life Span Human Development, Current Issues in Mental Health and Cross-Cultural Sensitization in a Multicultural Context. Dr. Montgomery is the founder and director of the Youth and Family Development Program, which studies parent/child relationships and parent/child interventions. Dr. Montgomery also is involved with the PRIME program at FIU (Psychology Research in Mentoring), and publishes in the area of diversity training, minority student development, and identity development. She is the associate editor of Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research.

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