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            [Library Catalog NOTE:  Search for country under SUBJECT not KEYWORD.

            For instance, MEXICO , will bring up a list of subjects about Mexico.  Then you may scroll through the list for sub-headings which relate to your specific interest.]


DATABASES: The following databases may be accessed by FIU students and employees.   If you are accessing these from off campus, please go to EZ Proxy first.  (You must have an activated ID card.)

ABI/Inform.  Proquest.  The premier business database includes substantial abstracts for each article; more than 20% are full text online.

Business & Industry. Database on FirstSearch.  Includes U.S. and International, this database indexes trade journals and industry documents.  More than 20% of the articles are full text; all the rest have substantial abstracts including the facts in each article

Statistical Universe.  IAC.  Includes the contents of 3 print indexes covering U.S. federal government statistics (ASI), non-federal government statistics (SRI), and statistics produced by international organizations (IIS).   Items indexed are available in Gov Docs on microfiche, arranged by the ASI, SRI, and IIS numbers.

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America’s International Trade.  REF HF3035.M55 1995.  Beginning with an introduction to US involvement in international trade, this source also includes policies, regulations, and trade agreements in full, a number of statistical tables, a directory of organizations (both US and international), and a bibliography of other published sources of information.

Business Information Sources.  DESK HF5351.D35 1993.  Lorna Daniells, former head of the Harvard Business School library, has produced this authoritative guide to the sources of business information, including international business.

International Business Information.  DESK HF54.5.P33 1994. A directory of both published information and agencies/organizations to contact.

North American Free Trade Agreement:  Selected Annotated References, 1989-1992.  REF HF5311.H68 1992.

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Business Asia..

Business Eastern Europe.

Business Europe.

Business Latin America.

Cross Border Monitor.  These 5 titles are available via EIU online.  These titles are newsletters covering critical business, trade, regulatory, and economic news in the regions indicated.

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Directory of British Associations.  REF AS118.D56 1988.

Directory of European Industrial and Trade Associations.  REF AS98.D55 1991.

Encyclopedia of Associations.  RRF AS22.E5.

International Congresses Calendar.  REF AS8.I63.

World Chamber of Commerce Directory.  REF HF294.W75.  Includes chambers of commerce in the U.S., Canada, and other countries, tourism information boards/bureaus, U.S. embassies and foreign embassies in the U.S.

Yearbook of International Organizations.  REF JX1904.A42.  A directory of international organizations, with addresses and descriptions.

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Demographic Yearbook.  INT HA17.D45.  A UN publication, statistics are often badly dated.

European Marketing Data and Statistics.  DESK HA1107.E87; older issues are in Ref.  Best source for recent statistics on almost anything concerning a country in Europe.

International Historical Statistics:  Africa, Asia & Oceania.  REF HA4675.M55.

International Historical Statistics:  The Americas.  REF HA175.M55.

International Historical Statistics:  Europe.  REF HA1107.M5.

            These three companion titles provide tables of statistics on almost anything imaginable, going back as far as there are records.  For more recent data, consult either European Marketing Data and Statistics or International Marketing Data and Statistics, in this category.

International Marketing Data and Statistics.  DESK HA42.I56;  older issues in REF.  Best source for recent statistics on almost anything concerning countries not in Europe.

International Monetary Fund.  Balance of Payments Yearbook.  INT HF1014.I5.

____________.  Direction of  Trade.  INT HF1014.D5.

____________.  International Financial Statistics.  INT HG3881.I626.

            These three IMF sources provide current statistics dealing with government finances, trade balances, and general finance (including exchange rates).

Social Indicators of Development.  REF HC59.69.S63 1996.  Includes statistics, country by country,  for poverty, wages, social indicators, human resources, natural resources, income, expenditures, and “investment in human capital” (such as education and medical).

Statistical Abstract of Latin America.  DESK HA935.S8.  Numerous statistics arranged by topic, subdivided by country.

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            [Library Catalog NOTE:  Under SUBJECT, search by the country name.

            For instance, MEXICO , will bring up a list of subjects about Mexico.  Then you may look through the list for sub-headings which relate to your specific interest.]

            [Library Catalog NOTE:  Under KEYWORD, type:

             country name AND COUNTRY STUDY

            This will give you the location and call number of a book in Government Documents.  The “country study” series provides in-depth introductions to the country, including culture, tourism sites, government and politics, each city, etc.]

Encyclopedia of the First World.  REF G63.K87 1990.

Encyclopedia of the Second World.  REF D847.K82  1991.

Encyclopedia of the Third World.  REF HC59.7.K87 1992. 

            These three encyclopedias describe the countries of the world and the cultures included (as of the early 1990's.)

A Guide to European Financial Centres.  REF HG70.H39 1990.

Statistical Abstract of Latin America.  DESK HA935.S8.  This annual provides an immense amount of statistics on all facets of Latin American countries.

World Resources:  A Guide to the Global Environment.  REF HC10.W827.  Within a narrative description of world conditions provides much information in topical maps and tables.

World Survey of Economic Freedom 1995-1996.  REF HB95.W67 1996.  Arranged by region then by country, this source rates countries by 6 specific areas of freedom:  property ownership, earning a living, operating a business, investing, international trade, and market economy.  Each region includes a chart showing relative political and economic freedom of the countries therein.

Year Book of Labor Statistics.  INT HD4826.I63.  A UN publication, provides large amount of statistics dealing with workers and employment; data often not current.

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            [Library Catalog NOTE: See LUIS NOTE under LIVING CONDITIONS..., above, about the Dept. of State's “Country Study” series.]

            [Library Catalog NOTE:  Also check under the SUBJECT, “GESTURES” in the Catalog.]

Doing Business in Mexico.  REF HF3238.U5E54 1997.  A guide to both the business and legal requirements for doing business in Mexico, and the culture and customs of the country.

The International Traveler's Guide to Doing Business in Latin America.  REF HC125.M63 1997.  A guide to the history and culture of the countries in Latin America, with some basic suggestions for doing business in each country.  Concludes with chapters on gift giving and holidays in Latin America. .  See the related site,

The International Traveler's Guide to Doing Business in the European Union.  REF HC240.M7 1997.              A guide to the history and culture of the countries belonging to the European Union, with basic suggestions for doing business in each country.  Concludes with a chapter on gift giving.  See the related site,

Japan:  Profile of a Nation.  REF DS806.J228 1994.  An encyclopedia itself, this is a condensation of Japan:  An Illustrated Encyclopedia.  With sections on geography,  history, government, business, society & culture, this is a good source for basic (and not so basic) information about Japan and the Japanese.

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands:  How to Do Business in Sixty Countries.  REF HF5389.M67 1994.  A country-by-country guide on cultural background, business practices, and protocol.

NTC's Dictionary of Japan's Cultural Code Words.  REF DS821.D467 1994.  Much more than a dictionary, this encyclopedic approach to the culture via its phrases provides insight into how the culture thinks as well as communicates.

Rules of the Game:  Global Business Protocol.  REF HF5389.L43 1996.  This book begins with a description/explanation of conducting international business, then proceeds to describe a number of business cultures (referred to as “games”), finishing with a section on individual countries.  Proper use includes referring to both the relevant “game” [regional business culture] and to the section on your country.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Culture and Daily Life.  REF GH333.W67 1998.  A multivolume encyclopedia arranged by country and culture, covering such things as folklore, religion, interpersonal relations, family life, clothing, etc., with a bibliography.

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Commonwealth Universities Yearbook.  REF LB2310.Y5.            Reports the programs and top officers, as well as address information about the institutions of higher education in the countries of the British Commonwealth.

International Handbook of Universities.  REF L900.I58 2000.

World List of Universities and Other Institutions of Higher Education.  REF L900.W6 2000.

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American Export Register.  RRF HF3010.A6.  This annual publication includes both an alphabetical list of companies, with a profile of each, and an alphabetical products and services index section.  It also includes embassies & consulates in the U.S. and other countries, chambers of commerce and trade centers, and transportation.

Doing Business in South Africa.  REF HC905.D65 1995.  Beginning with a number of articles describes the business conditions of South Africa, then describing the 3 major regions, discusses several major industries, and ends with a profile of major companies.

Export Sales and Marketing Manual.  REF HF1416.5.E9.  A “how-to” manual, with lists of contacts and other sources of information.

The World Markets Deskbook.  REF HF1009.5.T85 1993.  An evaluation by region and country of potential business markets for U.S. companies, including difficulties and dangers involved.

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Index of Economic Freedom.  REF HB95.I48 1998.  Arranged by country, describes economic and political developments of countries.

Political Handbook of the World.  REF JF37.P6.  This annual handbook describes the government, political parties, and media of each country.

Political Risk Yearbook:

            Vol. 1:  North & Central America.  REF JL1416.P65 1998.

            Vol 2:  Middle East & North Africa.  REF JQ1754.A1P64 1998.

            Vol. 3:  South America.  REF JL1866.P65 1998.

            Vol. 4:  Sub-Sahara Africa.  REF JQ1871.A1P64 1998.

            Vol. 5:  Asia & the Pacific.  REF JQ21.A1P64 1998.

            Vol. 6:  Europe.  REF JN12.P644 1998.

World Survey of Economic Freedom 1995-1996.  REF HB95.W67 1996.  Arranged by region then by country, this source rates countries by 6 specific areas of freedom:  property ownership, earning a living, operating a business, investing, international trade, and market economy.  Each region includes a chart showing relative political and economic freedom of the countries therein.

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The Rules of the Game in the Global Economy.  UGEN HF1412.P74 1992.  While much of the book talks about the world economy as a  context for multinational enterprises, several sections describe the setting within certain multinational trading pacts, such as NAFTA and the EC. 

The Reuters Guide to Official Interest Rates.  REF HB539.F47 1995.

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TAXATION (other than ex/im/trade):

International Tax Treaties of All Nations, Series B.  REF K4473.A1I57.  Includes the text of tax treaties between nations.

Tax Treaties.  BUS KF6306.C62.  Contains the text and commentary on tax treaties between the United States and other countries.

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Hotel & Travel Index.  REF TX907.H58.  Not only a directory of hotels (arranged by country & towns) but includes maps of the countries and major cities.

Janes Urban Transport Systems.  REF HE305.J3.  Descriptions of the transportation systems within cities around the world.

The Official Airlines Guide:  Worldwide Edition.  RRF HE9768.O34.  A biweekly publication, mainly used because of its flight schedules, but also includes diagrams of major airports and seating charts of major passenger aircraft.

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Editor & Publisher International Year Book.  REF PN 4700.E42.  A directory of daily and weekly newspapers in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere, arranged geographically.

International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses.  REF Z6944.L5D5.

International Television and Video Almanac.  REF HE8698.I55.

Latin American Media Directory.  REF P88.8.H57 1998.

Publishers’ International ISBN Directory.  REF Z282.P78.  More than just a guide to international publishers’ ISBNs, this directory includes addresses, fax, and telephone numbers.

Willings Press Guide.  REF Z6956. E5W5.  Volume 1 is a guide to the press in the United Kingdom, volume 2 is a guide to newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

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Handbook of International Direct Marketing.  REF HF5415.126.H36 1995.  Begins each country section with population, capital, languages, and currency, then describes the market, sources of information, “language and cultural considerations” (very basic), and lists direct marketing organizations in the country.

Latin American Advertising Marketing & Media Sourcebook.  DESK HF6182.L29L37 1995.   statistics, advertising media, and socio-political conditions of advertising in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.  Includes maps showing provinces and major cities.

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            [Library Catalog NOTE:  To find language dictionaries through the FIU Catalog, search by SUBJECT for the name of the language, followed by, “LANGUAGE--DICTIONARIES”.  For instance, for Spanish language dictionaries, including Spanish-English, English-Spanish, type:

                        SPANISH LANGUAGE- - DICTIONARIES

            This will produce a list of  FIU’s Spanish language dictionaries, with bilingual dictionaries indicated separately.]


Coopers & Lybrand Multilingual Dictionary of Financial Reporting.  REF HG151.C66 1996.  Gives parallel terms in English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Elsevier's Banking Dictionary.  REF HG151.E45 1990.  Has the equivalent terms in British English, American English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and German.

Encyclopedia of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the New American Community, and Latin-American Trade.  REF HC94.R668 1995.  A dictionary of terms and conditions within North and South American trading blocs. 

International Dictionary of Management.  REF HD30.15.J64 1995.  Lengthy definitions, many with charts or graphs.

The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of International Trade and Finance.  REF HF1373.G57 1994.  Lengthy definitions with cross-references to related terms.

North American Industry Classification System:  United States, 1997.  DESK HF1042.N67 1998.  This classification schedule, subtitled for the U.S., nevertheless includes the numbers for everyone, specifying when the numbers are unique to U.S. or to Canada.  Includes translation tables NAICS-SIC and SIC-NAICS.  See also the website:

The Oxford Dictionary for the Business World.  REF HF1001.O94 1993.

Understanding American Business Jargon.  REF HF1001.F65 1997.

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A&I = Abstracts & Indexes (2nd flr) ERC = Electronic Research Ctr (2nd flr east)
AV = Audio-Visuals Desk (5th flr) MIC = Microforms (4th flr)
BUS = Business Services (2nd flr) REF = Reference Collection (2nd flr east)
DESK = Ref. desk (2nd flr) RES = Reserve Room (2nd flr lobby)
DOC = Government Documents(2nd flr south) RRF = Ready Reference (2nd flr east)
DOCS DESK = Government Docs. Desk(2nd flr south) UGEN = General Collection (5th-7th floors)

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