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Accounting Articles. Commerce Clearing House. A&I HF5601.C6.
Accounting & Tax Index. UMI. A&I HF5601.A216.
Federal Tax Articles. Commerce Clearing House. BUS KF6335.A6C58.
Index to Accounting and Auditing Technical Pronouncements. A&I HF5635.I446.
Social Sciences Citation Index. (See: Web of Science, below.) A&I H1.S74
Social Sciences Index. A&I H1.S63..
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ABI/Inform. Proquest. (Scholarly & news business journals.)
Business Database. WebLUIS.
Business & Industry. Galenet. (Industry trade journals.)
Business Newsbank. (Full-text from newspapers & local business journals.)
GPO Access:
Investext. Gale.
NTDB: National Trade Data Bank. Available via STATS-USA..
New York Times Index. Proquest.
Statistical Universe. Lexis/Nexis.
Wall Street Journal. Proquest. (Older: A&I HG1.W26.)
Web of Science (citation databases, including SSCI).
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Business Information Sources. DESK HF5351.D35 1993.
Commodities Price Locator. REF HF1040.7.C43 1989.
Commodity Prices. REF HB235.76.F74 1991.
Directory of International Sources of Business Information. REF HF54.5.B35 1989.
Finding Statistics Online. REF HA33.5.B47 1998.
Social Science Reference Sources. REF H61.L5 1990.
World Directory of Business Information Web Sites 2002. REF HF54.56.W67.


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Anatomy of a Business Plan. REF HD30.28.P5 1996.
Business Plans Handbook. REF HD62.7.B865 (1998.)
The Business Writer's Handbook. DESK HF5726.B874 1997.
Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Accounting, Economics, and Finance. REF H50.C3 1997/1998.
Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management and Marketing. REF HD28.C3 1997/1998.
The Chicago Manual of Style. REF Z253.U69 1993.
The Columbia Guide to Online Style. REF PN171.F56W35 1998.
The Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources. DESK J9.5.G37 1993.
Electronic Style: A Guide to Citing Electronic Information. DESK PN171.DD37L5 1993.
The Elements of E-Mail Style. DESK HE6239.E54A53 1994.
The Elements of Style. REF PE1408.S772 1979.
Handbook of Warehouse and Distribution Management Forms and Reports. REF HF5485.L86 1991.
How to Create a Winning Business Plan. REF HD62.7.T38 1987.
How to Create a Winning Proposal. REF HF5718.5.A48 1978.
How to Prepare a Research Proposal. REF HG177.K73 1988.
How to Write a Readable Business Report. REF HF5719.E27 1983.
The McGraw-Hill Handbook of Business Letters. REF HF5726.P55 1994.
Manager's Portfolio of Model Memos for Every Occasion. REF HF5726.B237 1990.
New Handbook of Business Letters. REF HF5726.G68 1993.
Personnel Manager's Portfolio of Model Letters. REF HF5733.F6C66 1985.
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. RSV BF76.7.P82 1994.
Purchasing Manager's Guide to Model Letters. REF HF5437.K53 1991.
Webster's New World Secretarial Handbook. REF HF5547.5.W39 1989.
Where Credit Is Due. REF PN171.F56S35 1985.
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For English language business dictionaries by field,
For a list of language business dictionaries,
see: &nbp;
Standard Industrial Classification Manual. DESK HF1042.A55 1987.
North American Industry Classification System: United States, 1997. DESK HF1042.N67 1998.
Also, see URL:
For Good Measure. William D. Johnstone. REF QC88.J6.
Sizes. REF QC82.L67 1995.
Employee Benefits Dictionary. REF HD4928.N6B75 1992.
Encyclopedia of Banking and Finance. REF HG151.M8 1993.
Export-Import: Procedures and Documentation. REF HF1416.5.J64 2002.
French Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance. REF HF1002.F73 1996.
French-English Business Glossary. REF HF1002.W55 1997.
German-English Business Glossary. REF HF1002.H38 1997.
Handbook of Management Techniques. REF HD31.A72 1993.
International Dictionary of Management. REF HD30.15.J64 1995.
International Standards Desk Reference. REF HF1416.Z78 1997.
Italian-English Business Glossary. REF HF1002.E36 1997.
New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics. REF HB61.N49 1987.
The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money & Finance. REF HG151.N49 1992.
Prentice Hall Encyclopedic Dictionary of Business Terms. REF HF1001.C68 1995.
Professional Secretary's Encyclopedic Dictionary. REF HF1001.P78 1995.
Spanish-English Business Glossary. REF HF1002.G67 1997.
Understanding American Business Jargon. REF HF1001.F65 1997.
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Bricker's University-Based Executive Programs. REF HD20.15.U5B7 1995.
Directory of MBAs
. REF HF1111.D5 1997/1998.
Edition XII: Worldwide Directory of Postgraduate Studies in Business, Economics, Finance and Commerce. REF L900.E35...1997/1998.
Guide to Graduate Business Schools. Barrons. DESK HF113A.B375.
Guide to the Best Business Schools. BusinessWeek. REF HF1131.B95 2001.
Internships. REF HF5549.5.T7I5.
National Directory of Internships. REF HD5715.2.N37 1997/1997.

For MBA programs, see either of these two URLs:
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Certification and Accreditation Programs Directory. REF HD3630.U7C47 (1999).
The Guide to National Professional Certification Programs. REF HD3630.U7B36 1997.

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DESK = Ref. desk (2nd floor, east) REF = Reference Collection (2nd floor, east)
DOC = Government Documents (2nd floor, south) RES = Reserve Room (2nd floor lobby)
DOCS DESK = Government Docs. Desk (2nd floor, south) RRF = Ready Reference (2nd floor, east)
  UGEN=General Collection (5th-7th floors)

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