ymbols and ymbolism

A bibliographic essay, presently in development, about resources on
Signs and Symbols, and Their Interpretation

Steve R. Morris

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Table of Contents
Please Note:  Chapter 17 is the Master Bibliography.  Chapters 2-11 contain subject-oriented bibliographies, along with selective, critical essays.  Ch. 18-20 are specialized pages &/or tools. 'Go to top' image =Image for 
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Prefatory paragraph Preface                                  
Introductory chapter Introduction to Symbolism
General sources Encyclopedic and dictionary sources  
Design & printing graphics Design & printing graphics  
Artistic analyses Artistic analyses of symbolism; symbolistic analyses of art
Myth and anthropology Myth and ritual; anthropological studies
Beliefs and symbols Religious and philosophical discussions of symbolism
Symbolical philosophies Symbolic philosophies & mysteries
Psychological analyses Psychological examinations of symbolism
Literary uses Literary uses of symbolism  
Linguistic semiotics Linguistic semiotics 
Re-integration of symbols Re-integration of symbols and signs
Collections of images Bibliography of collections of images in print resources
Print resources Annotated bibliography of print resources   (Title index)  (Experimental version)
Websites Bibliography of websites  
Thematic Index Thematic index of commentaries
   {Here be Dragons—and indexing to significant commentary/explanation on other symbols, as well.  61 titles indexed.}
Glossary Glossary of terms  
Author's background and biography Author's background   'Go to bottom' image =Image for 
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Site Index
Site Index  

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