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Index of Symbolic Images with Commentary in Print Sources

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Symbols thematic index  Thematic Index of Images with Major Commentary:   The following index links to print sources, indicating commentary on the indexed image.  Some sources discuss the symbolic image in the context of dreams, while other discussions of the image are in literary or other contexts, some of which may not be directly related to symbolism, but all contribute to the understanding of the symbolic functions. 

Codes in the index are linked, via popup window, to the source citations; numbers in trailing parentheses indicate beginning page of commentary. 
Page notes:             No page number usually indicates that the whole work is related to the indicated topic. 
          See note at indicated source.
    §      indicates that the topic is covered in the chapter or other section starting on the page indicated;
    §§    indicates that the topic is covered in multiple, sequential chapters or sections starting on the page indicated;
        means the topic is scattered throughout the source/section indicated. 
Only topics with commentary greater than 1 page in length are indexed, although graphic images and excerpts may be included within the space.

- Bibliography of Sources -                 (Remember to check under broader as well as more specific headings.)

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