BOT 6928.Workshop on Plant Gas Exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence

This course provides practical techniques for measuring leaf level and ecosystem carbon dioxide and water exchange and leaf level chlorophyll fluorescence. The focus of the workshop is on terrestrial rather than aquatic measurements. Time of the course will be scheduled in consultation with the students enrolled, but we typically meet for 3 hr blocks during the week (lecture) or for 8 hr blocks on the weekend.


Topics covered in lecture format include:

1)respiration and photosynthesis from the ground up) cSources of exchange

2)gas laws, gas exchange principles and designs

3)curve fitting and photosynthesis models

4)chlorophyll fluorescence basics and measurements


Lab experiences

1) closed (transient, static) system gas exchange systems (leaves and whole ecosystem)

2) open system gas exchange systems

3)steady state gas exchange

4) chlorophyll fluorescence, ancillary measurements (leaf area, NDVI, LAI)