Syllabus Fall 2013

Plant Physiology BOT 4503L (1 cr).  Prerequisites: General Biology I and II, Chem 1 and II.

Web site:  Instructor: Steve Oberbauer HLS 218A, Ph: 305-348-2580,  Office hours: by appointment.  Text: no text

Time: Wed 9-11:50. Owa Ehan 321








Course Overview








Colorimetry as a physiological tool








Nutrient deficiency in corn setup








Experimental studies of water potential








Transpiration and stomatal function








Experimental studies of plant respiration








Photosynthetic reducing power of isolated chloroplasts








Nutrient deficiency in corn harvest








Lab Exam I & Nutrient deficiency in corn-data analysis








Experimental studies of Crassulacean metabolism








Whole plant aspects of photosynthesis








Plant growth substances I








Plant growth substances II








Follow up measurements of PGS II








Lab exam II








5:00 PM all lab reports due




***This syllabus is tentative schedule of course topics and is subject to change during the semester.

Text: There is no text.  Pdfs of lab exercises will be emailed to you.

Course Structure. We will do a lab experiment each week following a brief lecture on the experiment. You will be expected to turn in 5 of 9 possible lab reports following a prescribed format (excluding colorimetry). Lab reports are due within 2 weeks of the lab experiment. (The nutrient lab report will count for only one lab). Lab attendance is mandatory. If you miss 2 or more labs your grade will be affected (i.e. 5% deduction per lab missed). If you know in advance that you are not able to attend a lab, see me and we will make arrangements.

Grading. Your final score is based on 50% lab reports, 35% lab exams (one midterm, one final) and 15% short quizzes (over material to be covered in lab).  You are expected to be on time to exams. No student will be allowed to start taking an exam after any students have finished and left the room.

Leaning outcomes Students finishing this course will develop hands-on lab skills in the use of spectrophotometers and other plant physiological techniques and practical understanding of basic plant physiological processes.

Important Academic Calendar dates: (

September 3rd Last day to add courses; last day to drop courses or withdraw from the University without incurring financial liability for tuition and fees

September 5th   $100 late payment fee assessed for outstanding balances

September 20th  Last day to apply for graduation at the end of Fall 2013 term; Last day to withdraw from the University with a 25% refund of Tuition

November 4th Deadline to drop a course with a DR grade; Deadline to withdraw from the University with a WI grade.

Course Policies You are expected to be on time to class, and to stay until the experiment and data review is done. You are expected to maintain high standards of academic honesty. Any student found in violation of these standards will earn an automatic F and be reported to the Deans Office, no exceptions made. In accordance with FIU's policy on academic honesty, as set forth in the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual, it is expected that students in Bot-4503L will not submit the academic work of another as their own. Additional discussion of academic honesty and integrity may be found in the Manual.