SEARCH Data Advisory Group (DAG)

The search data advisory group serves as the interface between the AON data service provider, Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (CADIS), and AON investigators and users of AON data. The committee composition is provided below.                                 

Carin Ashjian - Woods Hole - Data provider, user
Dave McGuire - USGS/University of Alaska Fairbanks - Data user
Don Perovich - CRREL- Data provider - user
Robert Holmes - MBL - Data provider, user
Steve Oberbauer - Chair,  Florida International University - Data provider, user
Judy Cushing - Evergreen State - Cyberinfrastructure
Julio Ibarra - Florida International University -  Cyberinfrastructure
John Kimball - University of Montana - Data User

The Data Advisory Group welcomes and encourages user and data provider input and feedback.  You can email Steve Oberbauer directly or provide anonymous comments in the form (2000 characters) below.  

Comment Form:

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