Gary Moran

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Gary Moran received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. His research interests include pretrial publicity, jury selection, capital trials, and tort reform. His research on juror decision making in capital trials was cited in the American Psychological Association's Amicus Curiae brief in Lockhart v. McCree (1986). Gary is also a successful trial consultant who has provided his services in many high profile cases including the Timothy McVeigh trial (Oklahoma City bombing), the Richard Allen Davis case (Polly Klaas's murder trial), and several prominent South Florida prosecutions.

Representative Publications

    Moran, G., Cutler, B.L., & Loftus, E.F. (1990).  Jury selection in major controlled substance trials: The need for extended voir dire.  Forensic Reports, 3, 331-348.

    Moran, G., & Cutler, B. L. (1991). The prejudicial impact of pretrial publicity. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 21, 345-367.

    Platania, J., & Moran, G. (1999). Due process and the death penalty: The role of prosecutional misconduct in closing arguments in capital trials. Law and Human Behavior, 23, 471-484.


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