Greenhouse/exposure of

non-target  insects

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●  provide guidance to optimize efficiency of site cleanups and assist in development of safe numerical water, sediment and soil criteria

All ecotoxicology studies are conducted in compliance with U.S. EPA Good Laboratory Practice Standards. Test protocols are available for single/multiple chemicals in water, sediment, soil and diets for FIFRA, FDA and TSCA studies, effluents for NPDES under the CWA, dredged material under MPRSA and contaminated environments for CERCLA and RCRA. Studies are also designed to answer special ecotoxicity questions about chemical/oil spills, PPCPs in wastewater discharges, nanoparticles, genetically modified crops (plant incorporated protectants), hazardous waste sites and the registration of new chemicals and drugs.  The laboratory has conducted ecotoxicity studies and prepared ecological risk assessments for state and   federal agencies and industry.


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