Sediment Systems

Outdoor Microcosm Systems

seawater microcosm studies are designed to evaluate direct and indirect effects of chemical stressors in sediment-water systems on the structure of different trophic groups, species interactions and the functional aspects of these systems.

Ecotoxicity studies are supported by in-house analytical chemistry. Information from the FIU SERC Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment  Laboratory is used to

● evaluate potential toxicity and screening of single chemicals in water, sediment, soil and diets

● evaluate toxicity of effluent wastewaters and determine causative agent(s) through toxicity identification evaluations (TIEs)

● assess toxicity of exposure to mixtures of chemicals to determine interaction(s)

● determine the bioavailability, bioconcentration and bioaccumulation of contaminants

● prepare ecological hazard and risk assessments (ERAs) for aquatic and terrestrial environments

conduct natural resource damage assessments

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