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Kenneth F. Rogerson

Electronic Mail Address

Phone Numbers 

305-919-5972 BBCampus

305-348-0089  UPARK

305-919-5964 (FAX) 


Department of Philosophy 

Florida International University 

North Miami Campus 

North Miami, FL 33181 

University Location 

A1 318 Biscayne Bay Campus

DM 346 University Park Campus

Office Hours: 

MW 1:30-4:00 PM


Teaching and Research:

My research interest is primarily the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.  I publish in the areas of Kant's aesthetics, his epistemology and metaphysics, and his ethics.  Beyond my interest in Kant, I have published in contemporary metaphysics, political philosophy, and contemporary aesthetics.

I teach a number of different courses both in the Philosophy department and in the Humanities program -- a program for which I am currently the director.  I regularly teach courses in philosophical analysis, critical thinking, ethics, political philosophy, history of philosophy (especially Kant). I have also taught courses in contemporary analytic philosophy, philosophy of history, philosophy of religion, and logic.

Current Courses:

PHI 2103 Critical Thinking

PHM 3200/HUM 4392

PHI 4935 / HUM 4920  

PHI 4360 / HUM 3304


PHI 3601 / HUM 4561


PHI 3638 / HUM 4392


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