Student Registration for MyMathLab


Website Description

MyMathLab/CourseCompass is a website you can use to assess your math skills, do homework, take tests, and more! Access to this website is with a MyMathLab Student kit that comes free with your new textbook (if you have a used book, you can purchase access online in Step 3 below or as a standalone kit at your bookstore, but you need a valid Course ID from your instructor). For more information about this website, including system requirements, go to .


On-line Registration

Youíll need:

         Your access code (inside your new textbook, purchased online in step 3, or with a standalone access kit).

         A valid email address

Your Professorís Course ID Number: rosenthal83825

         Your school zip code: 33199

1.       Go to

2.       Click on the Register button below Students

3.       Review the Before You Start information to ensure you have everything you need to register; Click Next

4.       If you have previously taken a course in CourseCompass, click Yes, Look Me Up and enter your username and password, if you can remember that information.  Otherwise, skip this first step leaving No, I am a New User selected.

5.       Enter the 6-word access code from your Student Access Kit or inside your textbook, your Schoolís zip code, then select your Country; click Next.

6.       Enter your professorís Course ID number. Click Next.

7.       Fill in all required Personal Information, select your school from the drop-down list, then create your own personal login name & password for this site. Choose 1 of 3 security questions (for use if you forget your password) & type the answer. Review the Site License Agreement as desired and click Next.

8.       Your Confirmation & Summary screen appears; write down your confirmed login/password (a confirmation email will be sent to you. If you use a Spam email blocker, be sure to allow emails from Click the CourseCompass Log In Now button and use the log in name & password you just created to enter CourseCompass. In the future, you will enter your MyMathLab course from this site,, so itís a good idea to bookmark this page. You will not have to register again for this course.

9.       Under Courses you are taking, click on the Course name to access your professorís web material.


Important: You MUST install all required software plugins to use this website from a home or work computer. A link to these plugins is located from within the MyMathLab website (run the MyMathLab Installation Wizard often found under Announcements). AOL users must minimize that browser and use Internet Explorer. You must also disable any pop-up blockers for this site only.


Inside MyMathLab

To the left are a series of buttons (they may be called Announcements, Chapter Contents, etc.). Use these to check for course resources & to access textbook content. Textbook material (multimedia text, animations, etc.) is typically found under Chapter Contents.Your professor may have customized this website, so features & button names may vary. For Technical Support, call Toll Free 1-800-677-6337, Monday through Friday 8AM Ė 8PM, Sun. 5-PM-12AM EST.