ECT Workshop on

"Probing microscopic structure of the lightest nuclei in electron scattering at JLab energies and beyond"

Trento, Italy July 25-30, 2005.




Some nice pictures from the workshop*

- Group picture
- The most dedicated participants of the workshop
- What happens when an experimentalist asks a question
- Participants working actively at their computers during the break
- Participants enjoing an ancient sculpture


July 25, Monday
Session A: Topics: High Energy Approximations in electron few nucleon system break up reactions: Theory

- Jean Marc Laget, JLAB "Diagrammatic Approaches to Few Body Systems"
- Misak Sargsian, FIU, "Generalized Eikonal Approximation"
10.30-11.00am Coffee Break

- Claudio Ciofi degli Atti, Perugia, "Calculations of High Energy Scattering Processes off Few- and Many-Nucleon Systems 
                                     within the Eikonal and Generalized Eikonal Approximations" 
- Sabine Jeschonnek, Ohio, "Eikonal Approximations for Deuteron Break-Up" 
12:30-2.00pm Lunch
Session B: Electroprduction off Few Body Systems (Theory, Experiment, Applications of High Energy Approximations)

2.00 pm 
- Werner Boeglin, FIU "Experimental Status of Deuteron Break-up Reactions" 
- Leonid Kaptari, JINR "GEA to the  reactions involving He3"
- Hiko Morita, Sapporo, "A Study of FSI in the 4He(e,e'p)3H Reaction" 
3:30-4.00pm Break    
4.00pm Discussions    
- Nitty Gritty Comparisons between Diagrammatic Method and Eikonal Approximations  (M.Sargsian) 
- Effective longitudinal momentum transfer (S.Jeschonnek)
- Factorization vs non-factorization
- Ghost of Delta's
- Where/There are mesons 
- How to probe the high momentum component of nuclei wave functions (W.Boeglin,)

 July 26, Tuesday
Session C: Two- and Three-Body Systems (Relativistic Approximations, Light Cones, Mesons, 
            Probing  Short Range Correlations)
- Franz Gross, JLAB, "Theoretical Foundations of Relativistic Description of Few-Nucleon Bound Systems" 
- Mark Strikman, PSU, "Deuterons on Light Cone"
10:30-11:00 Break
- Jerry Miller, UWA, "Nuclei on Light Cone"
- Rocco Schiavilla, (ODU/JLab) "Electro-Nuclear Reactions off Few Nucleon Systems" 

12:30-2.00pm Lunch
Session D: Few Body Systems (Relativistic Approximations, Mesons, Short Range Correlations)
- Hartmuth Arenhoevel, Mainz," Electromagnetic production of mesons on the deuteron"
- Roman Skibinski, Krakow, "The electroinduced 3He breakup as a tool to study three-body systems"    
- Alejandro Kievsky, Pisa "Three and Four Nucleon Systems"
3:30-4.0pm Break
- Winfried Leidemann,  "Longitudinal (e,e') Response Function of Three-Nucleon Systems"
- Emanuele Pace/Giovanni Salme, Rome, "The electrodisintegration of 3He and the role of FSI at Jlab energies" - Larry Weinstein, Old Dominion " Probing Short Range Correlations in Exclusive Break-Up of He3" - Eddy Jans, NIKHEF "Electro-induced two-nucleon knockout experiments on 3He"
5.30 pm Discussion on:
- Light Cone vs Virtual Nucleon Approximation,
- Issues of Relativistic treatment of 3N systems (Giovanni Salme)
- Meson Degrees of Freedom 
- Three Nucleon Forces
- Short Range Correlations

July 27 
Session E: From three to A nucleon Systems (Theory, Experiments, Final State Interactions, Short Range Correlations)
- Jose M. Udias, Madrid, " Electron induced Reactions involving medium nuclei"
- Jan Ryckebusch, Gent, "Relativistic eikonal models for neutrino-A en eA reactions"
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
- Massimiliano Alvioli, Perugia, "Calculating Many Body Systems"
- Carlo Barbieri, TRIUMF, "FSI in High Missing Energy Exclusive Reactions"    
- Eli Piasetzky, Tel Aviv, "Probing SRC by high momentum transfer reactions"    
12:30-2pm Lunch
No talks after the Lunch
 July 28 
Session F: Nuclei and High energies (SRC, Hard Processes, Semiinclusive DIS, DIS Structure Functions)
- John Arrington, Argonne " Large x, EMC Effects and Superfast Quarks"    
- Mark Strikman, Penn State "Old and Recent Progresses in probing SRC"
10:45-11.00 Break
- Nikolai Pivnyuk, ITEP, " Producing Energetic Deuterons" 
- Claudio Ciofi degly Atti, Perugia, "FSI in Semiinclusive DIS Reactions"    
12:30-2.00pm Lunch
Session G: Nuclei and High energies (SRC, Hard Processes, Semiinclusive DIS, FSI in DIS)
- Misak Sargsian, FIU, "Virtually Free Neutrons in DIS off the Deuteron" - Sebastian Kuhn, Old Dominion, "Inclusive Scattering on D with Backward Proton Emission"
- Mikhail Osipenko, Genova, "Extraction of the neutron structure function moments at the leading twist"
3:30-4.00pm Break
4.00pm Discussions on: 
- Probing Short Range Correlations
- Partial waves or eikonal approximation for reactions involving light to medium nuclei
- Hadron Modifications in nuclear medium, 
- Extracting nuclear wave function. 

July 29 
Session H: Nuclei and High Energies (Hard Disintegration, Vector Meson Productions, Hadron-Quark Transition)
- Patrizia Rossi, Rome "Scaling Properties of Two Body Photodisintegration Reactions"
- Ron Gilman (Rutgers/JLab) " Hard Disintegration of the Nucleon Pair in Past, Present and Future Tenses" 
10:30-11.00 Break
- Sergio Scopetta, Perugia, "Generalized parton distributions of 3He"
- Danielle Treleani, Trieste, "High Energy Nuclear Reactions" 

12.30-2.00pm Lunch
Session L: Nuclei and High Energies (Hard Disintegration, Vector Meson Productions)
- Ted Rogers, PSU, "GEA to Vector Meson Photoproduction Near the Threshold"    
3.30-4.0pm Coffee Break
4.00pm Discussions: 
- Quarks in nuclei
- Second vs First order Phase transitions from hadrons to quarks
- Meson vs quark exchange
- Hidden Colors
- Where the high energy upgrade will take us

* Many thanks to Ted Rogers for providing workshop photos

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