High Energy Nuclear Theory Group


Adam Freese,  Graduate Student,

 Hard Nuclear Processes & QCD


Oswaldo Artiles, Graduate Student,

 Medium Modification and Short Range

 Correlation Effects in Nuclei


Shankar Adikhari,  Graduate Student

         Non-Nucleonic Components in Nuclei


Dhiraj Maheswari, Graduate Student

        QCD Hard Rescattering Processes in Nuclei


Dr. Wim Cosyn, Visiting Research Professor (2010-2011)

                   Currently, Ghent University, Belgium

        FSI effects in Nuclear Physics and QCD



Former Members of the Group


-    Carlos Granados (2011 PhD),

Presently, Uppsala University, Sweden


-    Tigran Abrahamyan (2007 PhD),

Presently, Florida International University, Miami