William T. Anderson, Associate Professor SERC/Earth Sciences


Lab Manager:

Mark Kershaw - Head Lab manager for the entire Water Quality Lab

Greg Losada - head lab tech for SIL


Post Docs:

Chris Moses, Ph.D.



Carrie Rebenack - Ph.D. student Earth and Evnironment

Shauna Nielsen - MS student Earth Sciences


Lab Alumi (who had major roles in the lab)

Samantha Evans - Ph.D. Earth Sciences 2009

Clay Williams - Ph.D. Biology 2007

Bryan Carroll - MS student Earth Sciences

Ralph Mead - Ph.D. student Chemistry, 2004

Maria Camila Pinzon, undergraduate research assistant, Biology/Ecology, 2004

Reena Hernandez - undergraduate research assistant, BA Geology 2001

David Kieckbusch - MS student, MS Biology (FAU) 2002

Jose de Los Reyes, undergraduate research assistant, Biology/Ecology



The lab is actively seeking energetic and highly motivated graduate students to work on a variety of stable isotope based projects.