Projects - Past and Present

Carbon and Oxyen isotope calibration of salt-stress and storm events from slash pine in the Lower Keys, with Leo Sternberg at UM.

CESI - ENP Carbon isotopic investigation of paleoproxies of water level change

DOI Bisycane National Park: Nitrogen cycling, collaborative project with P. Swart at RSMAS

NSF LTER FCEII - Climate and Disturbance Working Group

SJRWMD - N-fixation Lake Jesup and Monroe

SJRWMD - Paleolimnologic investigation of Lake Monroe, FL

ACS - PRF grant,Marine Stable Isotope Time-Series from South Florida

LTER-Florida Coastal Everglades, Food Web analysis with Joel Trexler, Primary Productivity with Evelyn Gaiser

NSF SGER ATM-0086276 Isotope-Dendrochronological Investigation of Tropical Trees from Brazil: A New High-Resolution Isotopic Paleoclimate Archive

Cellulose oxygen isotope biologic-fractionation with Dr. K.R.M. Beuning (Wesleyan University)

Spatial and temporal patterns in carbon and nitrogen isotopes from seagrass located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary with Dr. Jim Fourqurean (SERC/Biology)

Carbon dendro-isotopic investigation of slash pine from Big Pine Key (Anderson and Ross).

Oxygen isotopes of inorganics: sulfates, nitrates, and phosphates

Future projects will be updated soon...


Additionally, the lab has worked with many different groups (e.g. Audubon Society, USGS-BRD, PUC, University of Liverpool, etc.) in the past, and we looking forward to continuing our relationship with these groups, and we hope to develop working partnerships with others in the future.