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Undergraduate Courses
STA 2023 Statistics for Business & Economics
STA 2122 Introduction to Statistics I
STA 3033 Introduction to Probability & Statistics for Computer Sciences
STA 3111 Statistics I
STA 3112 Statistics II
STA 3123 Introduction to Statistics II
STA 3145 Statistics for Health Professions
STA 3163 Statistics Methods I
STA 3164 Statistics Methods II
STA 4182 Statistical Models
STA 4202 Introduction Design Experiments
STA 4234 Introduction Regression Analysis
STA 4321/2 Mathematical Statistics I/II
STA 4502 Introduction Non-Parametric Methods
STA 4664 Statistics for Quality Control

Graduate Courses

STA 5106 Intermediate Statistics I
STA 5107 Intermediate Statistics II
STA 5126 Fundamental Design Experiments
STA 5206 Design of Expressions
STA 5207 Topics in Design of Experiments
STA 5236 Regression Analysis
STA 5507 Non-Parametric Methods
STA 5666 Advanced Quality Control
STA 6166 Statistics Methods Research I
STA 6167 Statistics Methods Research II
STA 6176 Biostatistics
STA 6244 Data Analysis I                                                                            
STA 6246 Linear Models
STA 6247 Data Analysis II
STA 6326 Mathematical Statistics I
STA 6327 Mathematical Statistics II                                                          
STA 6505 Categorical Data Analysis
STA 6990 Multivariate Statistical Analysis I


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