Review Paper Format

title page

your name


date of print-out


double spaced text

10-20 pages

single spaced bibliography



page numbers on every page except 1st

Serif fonts only (e.g Times New Roman), 12 point.

Left justify

to make room for handwritten comments

1" left margin

1.5" right margin


Literature Cited Section

Alphabetized by 1st author's last name

simple format (note outdented 1st line):

Smith JT, Jones GR (1984) Evolution of the hairy-fingered, dark-eyed gnomes. 

J Gnomic Evol 34: 191-204


Citations in text

Cite authors in text thus:

Blah blah blah (Smith and Jones 1984)

rather than with numbers or footnotes.

Use of "et al." for citing 3 or more authors

Smith, Jones, Brown (1990) becomes
Smith et al. (1990)

For 2 authors cite both

Smith & Jones (1991)