Student Internship Program
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Florida International University

SYA 3949 Cooperative Education in the Social Sciences


Explore career options while obtaining hands-on experience.

Develop applied social science skills that enhance employability.

Build a network of professional contacts.

Earn from 1-3 credits per semester depending on the hours worked.
Up to 6 credits may be earned and accepted as electives for the major.

Open to Sociology and Anthropology majors with a 3.0 GPA overall and in the major.

Students must have successfully completed
SYA 3300 Research Methods,
and either
ANT 3034 Anthropological Theories, or SYA 4010 Sociology Theories.

Interested students should communicate with
Dr. Dennis Wiedman, Internship Coordinator,
as soon as possible in order to enroll for the spring 2006 semester.

An initial step is to register with FIU Career Services Internship Program
and attend the workshop titled “Internship 101.” A schedule is at:

Dennis Wiedman, Ph.D.
Internship Program Coordinator
Office: DM 336B, University Park Campus,
Phone 305-348-2262 or 348-2247

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Course Syllabus:

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