Spring 2005 - Thursdays 6:25 to 9:05
Florida International University- University Park Campus - Miami, Florida
Undergraduate Course 
Anthropology ANT 4211-U05, Religious Studies - REL 3380 or Liberal Studies - IDS 4920-03
Version of December 28, 2004 

Lodge of the Bear
Lakota Sacred site.
Photo courtesy of
(c) "In Light of Reverence."

Father Sky, Mother Earth
Navajo Sand painting


This course is an introduction to Native North American religions and spirituality. The course highlights the sacred ecology of people, plants, animals and the environment. Special emphasis is placed on myths, rituals, and beliefs ranging from individual practices to organized religions among a diverse array of Native American communities. These different ways of seeing, sensing and listening form entire life ways that are reflected in the arts, music, dance, poetry, narrative, architecture and social organizations. Of importance will be the historical, economic, health, environmental, political and legal issues that influence the present and future ways that Native Americans practice their religious traditions. Attention will be given to contemporary issues and Native cultures of South Florida.