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Sovereignty is a major challenge for Native America.
Treaties with federal governments initiated relationships that are
the basis for today's tribal and individual relationships.
Self-governance of land, minerals, education, commerce, health,
and gaming is the foundation of Native sovereignty.
From these selected links you can access treaties, laws,
court decisions and current legal topics.


Treaties and Laws


Search through 300 years of US legal history. Formerly a series of books, Kappler's Indian Laws and Treaties are now on-line.

  Tribal Court Clearinghouse
The Indian Law Resource Center reports on today's legal issues
Native American Rights Fund (NARF). Boulder, CO. A non-profit organization that provides legal representation and technical assistance to Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide. Page has court watches and case reviews.
  National Indian Law Library (NILL). A public law library devoted to federal Indian and tribal law that develops and makes accessible a unique and valuable collection of legal information.
  Financial accounts established over a hundred years ago by the Federal Government to manage Indian royalties are in disarray. Indian Trust: Cobell versus Norton tracks the daily legal proceedings.  
  American Indian Law Review is a leading journal in the field.
Journal of the New Mexico School of Law promotes indigenous self-determination by facilitating discussion of traditional and western law among the world's indigenous nations.
National organization with the mission to inform the public and the federal government on tribal self-government, treaty rights, and a broad range of federal policy issues affecting tribal governments.
  National association of Native American attorneys, judges, law professors and law students.  
  Dedicated to helping Native People to regain human rights and achieve restitutions and restorations. Provides Internet radio of current issues.  
  Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. International law and global issues. United Nations, Division for Social Policy and Development.  

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