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Singing and drumming have always been a vital aspect of Native American life. From the hand drum of the Eskimo, to the water drum of the Peyotist, the big drum at intertribal dances or the drum set of the rock musician, the drum is considered the heart beat of Native America.

The following web selections provide a full range of Native music from the earliest songs recorded on wax cylinders in the 1890s to the music of today on live radio in the genre of pow-wow, rap, rock and jazz. Each tribe have a distinctive form of song, represented here are the Omaha of Nebraska, the Kiowa of Oklahoma, and the Iroquois of New York.

Indian music is flourishing today with new songs being developed by singers throughout North America. Listen to AIROS, live Internet streaming radio for the wide range of contemporary music, or download mpeg files from Native Radio. Recognition for the creativity of Native musicians is made annually by NAMA, the Native American Music Awards.


  Omaha Indian Music   Traditional Omaha music from the 1890s to the 1980s. Collection contains 44 wax cylinder recordings collected by Francis La Flesche and Alice Fletcher between 1895 and 1897, 323 songs and speeches from the 1983 Omaha harvest celebration pow-wow, and 25 songs and speeches from the 1985 Hethu'shka Society.
  Ohwejagehka Earth Songs    
Iroquois social dance songs including smoke dance. Over 20 digital songs with text explanations. Sung by Art Johnson & Lyle Anderson from Six Nations of the Grand River.
  The Power of Kiowa Song:
A Collaborative Ethnography
  Contemporary Kiowa songs collected by anthropologist Luke Lassiter. Short digital selections: Pow-wow, Gourd Dance, Peyote, Hand game, Hymns and Peyote Songs.
  AIROS: American Indian Radio on Satellite.   Native Sounds - Native Voices. Listen to live American Indian Radio on Satellite. Native American Public Telecommunications empowering, educating, and entertaining through Native media. (Media Player needed)
  Gathering of Nations Internet Radio   All Native Music 24 x 7. Eclectic mix of traditional & contemporary Native music including flute, jazz, rap, hip hop, reggae, blues, and powwow music from champion drum groups.
(Requires MS Media Player)
       Portal to the beauty and mystery of Native American music. provides contemporary Native American music and videos streamed in high quality Mp3 and Microsoft audio formats.
  NAMA: Native American
Music Awards
  Nammy's: the Native American Music Awards are the Indian Grammy Awards. See who is considered the best.
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