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    Native studies is greatly facilitated by the Internet. Primary data sources such as treaties, maps, and photos are now available. On-line indexes enable the researcher to quickly locate publications and museum collections. For those who want advanced training, Native American studies courses and degrees are offered at numerous colleges and schools.      
Educational Programs

A Guide to Native American Studies Programs
in the United States and Canada

Robert M. Nelson, Editor


Data Sources

Access treaties, laws, court decisions, current legal topics and resources.
NAResources: Legal Studies



Indexes of journals and publications allow you to quickly locate published materials on your subject of interest. NAResources: Indexes


SIRIS: Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
    Native Health Databases  

Native Health Databases: Bibliographic information and abstracts of health-related articles, reports, surveys, and other resource documents pertaining to Native American health and health care.


    Native American Genealogies  

Native American Genealogy: Search by state. Links to many primary resources: archives, maps, censuses.


On-line Archival Documents

Collects, archives and documents materials related to Native press history, Native writers and publishing. One of the world's largest repositories of Native thought.

    Lewis and Clark Journals

On-line Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition: 1803-1806.


    Voyagers and Explorer Documents

Papers, diaries and journals of voyagers and explorers.


On-line Teaching
    Historic Places Lesson Plans

Teaching with Historic Places: Lesson Plans for American Indian History. National Register of Historic Places.



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