Altocumulus Gallery

A patch of Altoumulus. FIU University Park Campus,* looking ENE from the East side of near MARC, 0819 EST, 27 February 2004.

Thick, scattered Altocumulus. FIU University Park Campus,* looking ESE from East of MARC toward The Blue Parling Garage and the Wertheim Art Museum, 1728 EST, 19 February 2004.

Broken, thin Altocumulus. Note how the clouds obscure the Sun. FIU University Park Campus* East side of MARC, 1249 EST, 20 February 2004.

Sun setting behind broken Altocumulus. Looking W in South Miami, 25o42'N, 80o18'W, 1725 EST, 01 March 2004.

Scattered Altocumulus below a patch of Cirrocumulus (top center). FIU University Park Campus*, looking ENE from the former parking lot West of MARC, 0711 EST, 25 February 2004.

*FIU, University Park Campus photos are within 1 nautical mile of the south steps of the Graham Center 25o 45.3' N 80o 22.4' W.