Cumulonimbus Gallery

A single Cumulonimbus turret rising from a line of Cumulus congestus. The CB is just beginning to form an anvil characteristic of Cumulonimbus incus. The raged, dark grey clouds in the foreground are Cumulus faractus on a gust front propagating from the convection toward the camera. Photogarphed looking SSE from Marco Is., Florida (25o 56'N, 81o 44'W), July 2000.

A spectacular Cumulonimbus incus rising above a line Cumulus congestus. Photographed looking N in South Miami, FL (25o42'N, 80o18'W), August 1998.

Cumulonimbus above a field Cumulus congestus. Photogarphed looking N from Marco Island, Florida (25o 56'N, 81o 44'W), 12:41 PM, 19 August 2003.

An earlier stage of the Cumulonimbus at the top of the gallery, showing the rest of the line of Cumulus congestus and an older, mature CB at the right.

The Cumulonimbus from the top of the gallery at essentially the same time as that image, showing the rest of the line of Cumulus congestus and a new cell risin to the left of the mature cell at the right.

The dissipating stage of the Cumulonimbus cell from the top of the gallery, with a new cell rising to its left, the earlier new cell dissipating, and silhouettes of Cumulus congestus rising in the shade of the primary cell. Note the anvil characteristic of Cumulonimbus incus spreading from the main cell.

Heavy rain falling from a Cumulonimbus over the sea. Marco Island, Fl, 1629 EDLT 19 August 2003.