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MET 4993: Calculations for the Atmospheric Sciences

Course description

MET 4993 introduces students to computational methods in the Atmospheric Science through hands‐on use of MatLab. It will first introduce the interactive MatLab environment, starting with simple command‐line calculations and graphical depiction of results. The next topic will be conversion of interactive commands into scripts (m‐files). From there, the course will branch out to address topics from atmospheric dynamics, thermodynamics, and data analysis. The final third of the course will provide and introduction to statistics in the atmospheric sciences. Topics will include statistical probability distribution functions, curve fitting, and an introduction to data analysis. The course requires a cooperative code development project, such as: equivalent barotropic model, radiation‐balance climate model, Lorenz attractor, or analyses of observational data.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop proficiency in MatLab command‐line and script i (m‐file) programming.
  • Students will learn to apply MatLab to selected meteorological problems.
  • Students will learn basic statistics as applied to meteorology and climatology
  • Students will learn to specify, execute, and evaluate a simple MatLab application development project.

    Instructor: Ping Zhu<>

    When: Spring 2010; 12:30 – 1:45 PM Tuesday/Thursday

    Where: PC 324 (University Park Campus)

    Prerequisites: MET 3003 and one other 3000 or 4000‐leval MET course or Permission by the instructor.

    Grading: Weekly assignments (30%), Project (30%), mid-term exam, (20%) and final exam (20%)

    Office hours: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 2:00 AM – 4:00 PM or by appointment



    Essential MatLab for Scientists and Engineers (Third Edition), by Brian Hahn and Dan Valentine, Butterworth‐Heineman, 2007

    Other useful sources

  • Applied Numerical Methods and Matlab for Engineers and Scientists, by Steven C. Chapra
  • Engineering Computations, An introduction using Matlab abd Excel, by Joseph C. Musto, William E. Howard, Richard R. Williams.
  • The MathWorks
  • Matlab help desk

    Syllabus(weeks approximate)